The Seven Best Not-So Final Girls

4. Taryn White (Jennifer Rubin) – NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3


Taryn was a recovering drug addict and a patient of Nancy Thompson’s in the psychiatric facility where Nancy was counselor. Of course being in the same orbit as Nancy, the woman who defeated Freddy in the original NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET film, was not the best place to be for a person with a fragile psyche and a history of drug addiction. So when Freddy started offing the kids at the hospital the remaining patients decided to get proactive and take the fight to Freddy in the dream realm with the idea being that they would be able to control the environment of their own dreams. Sadly this idea was a bad one which resulted in Taryn and the majority of her fellow patients being killed by Freddy but not before Taryn transformed herself into a mohawked, knife-wielding, badass biker chick that was actually getting the best of Freddy until he used her drug addiction against her.

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