The Oscars are hitting the big 9-0 this year and tonight’s ceremony should be full of “Me Too” and “Time’s Up!” inspired speeches, lots of barbs thrown at President Trump (especially by host Jimmy Kimmel who is no fan of Mr. Trump) and possibly a repeat of last year’s Best Picture fiasco as, in what seems like a bit of low-key elder abuse, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway have been asked back to announce that award yet again. So read onward for my predictions, my own opinions on who deserves the shiny gold naked man and the folks who got no love from the Academy this year.


Samuel L. Jackson’s Most Awesome Hairdos

As great an actor as Samuel L. Jackson is there has always been one thing that has made me look sideways at the dude in some movies and that is the various wigs and facial hair attachments that he has utilized. I don’t think any actor in the history of Hollywood has been saddled with more ridiculous hair accessories and then challenged to go out and make the audience disregard just how stupid the hair styles look. So here is my list of Top 7 hair don’ts that Sam has had to overcome in his movie career.

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