My 2014 Oscar Nominations Snubs

Let me preface this list by saying that The Academy got a lot right with their nominations this year and I understand how tough it was because this was a particularly good year in film with some amazing movies and even more amazing performances being delivered to theaters in 2013. However that does not mean that The Academy is immune from criticism or that this humble blogger does not think he knows better than people who work in the industry when it comes to picking who should be in the running to get a shiny gold naked man statue. So … Continue reading My 2014 Oscar Nominations Snubs

Oscar Predictions & Ruminations 2: Attack of The Clones

Well its that time of year again where anyone with competent motor skills and a high speed Internet connection decides to share their Oscar predictions with the rest of the world. And like the lovable lemming that I am, I am doing it too. I only predict the categories I care about and consider the “Biggies” which comes to 6 categories. Last year I went 4 for 6 (damn you Meryl Streep and guy from The Artist!!!) so I am looking to increase my average this go round.
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