Whatever Happened To…The Kids From Stephen King’s It?

One of my favorite horror movies (based on the best book Stephen King has ever written in my humble opinion) is the made for TV mini-series IT. While the standout of the movie is the great performance of Tim Curry as Pennywise the evil clown that plagues the town of Derry, Maine, the other big selling point of the film is the portion that is set in the characters past. In this half of the film a group of outcast kids do battle with Pennywise and the kid actors all delivered amazing performances. So it got me to thinking…what the hell have those kids been up to since they all starred in this movie?

Jonathan Brandis (Bill Denbrough)

Jonathan went on to star in big screen kiddie movie fare like Sidekicks (with the one and only Chuck Norris) and the gender bending Ladybugs. He followed that up with a starring role on the NBC sci-fi series SEAQUEST 2032. Following SEAQUEST’s cancellation, Brandis went on to appear in forgettable straight-to-dvd films before committing suicide in 2003 at the age of 27.

Brandon Crane (Ben Hanscomb)

The only significant acting work Brandon had after IT was the recurring role of Doug Porter (the kid Kevin started hanging with to make his best friend Paul jealous after a fight) on the WONDER YEARS.He did go on to do some regional theater as he grew older. Brandon now resides in Clovis, CA with his wife and kids where he is a part of the local filmmaking and production community.Brandon also has started singing and was working on a jazz album.

Adam Faraizl (Eddie Kaspbrak)

Seems like Adam only acted for 2 more years after appearing in IT. I did find mention of his having graduated with a degree in Pacific & Asian Studies from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. The most recent thing I found on him was a mention on the wine and spirits blog What Are You Drinking that stated Adam was a Sake Sommelier (basically an expert on all things sake).

Seth Green (Richie Tozier)

Seth has gone on to have a very successful career as not only an actor but a writer and producer. He starred in the AUSTIN POWERS films among other movies, had a regular role as OZ on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, has provided the voice of Chris Griffin on FAMILY GUY for the shows entire run and is the co-creator of the long running Cartoon Network show ROBOT CHICKEN.

Ben Heller (Stanley Uris)

Ben has no other acting credits besides IT and reportedly retired from acting and went into the sales field.

Emily Perkins (Beverly Marsh)

Emily continued to act after IT with her most notable roles being in the werewolf film series GINGER SNAPS and the TV series SUPERNATURAL as obsessed Winchester Brothers fan Becky Rosen.

Marlon Tayler (Mike Hanlon)

Marlon had a few guest appearances on sitcoms with his latest acting role being as Razor Ric in the hip-hop drama KNOW THY ENEMY. Marlon also hosts a Miami based radio show called Miyayo under the pseudonym Messiah The Suppliyah.

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11 responses to “Whatever Happened To…The Kids From Stephen King’s It?

  1. Oh I didn’t know she was the one on Ginger snaps interesting :D


  2. Cool post, can I link to this on my site?


  3. Hugmad-vocaloid

    thanks for the all information, I have also the same question before, and now I so happy for them, I miss to jonathan brandis -bill :-


  4. i wanted to say that eddie is so cute and jonathan is also cute




  6. yo amo a ben heller es tan guapo


  7. I wish I was Ben Heller is my boyfriend he’s my a+++++++++++++++++++++++++. I wish he was still a teen please


  8. Stany uris aka Ben Heller is hot and sexy during that movie I wish he still was that age forever I want to know him way better it would be a bigshot to meet him . One love Ben Heller the sexy treat of life


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