Bad Movies That Rock: Tales From The Hood

Reason #1 That It Rocks: Boys Do Get Bruised

The first story (a bunch of racist cops kill a black activist and he comes back from the dead as a magic zombie hellbent on revenge) and the last story (a ghetto version of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE with Hakeem from MOESHA being put through a behavior modification procedure while wearing a banana hammock) are serviceable but neither one really clicked with me like the second and third tales did.
The second story concerns a little boy named Walter whose fear of the monster that he says is after him (and that he keeps drawing pictures of) becomes so great that it causes his teacher to pay a visit to Walter’s house to find out what’s going on with the kid. Turns out Walter’s “monster” is actually his abusive father. The thing that makes this tale so great is that the father is played by David Alan Grier who is not known for his dramatic acting or for being anything approaching a badass. So watching the funny dude from IN LIVING COLOR rampaging through a house whooping the ass of anything that moves is hilarious. THE TWILIGHT ZONE style twist at the end of this segment also adds to the coolness factor:

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