The Five Worst Actors Turned Singers

William Shatner
William Shatner is in the “Actor Turned Bad Singer” Hall of Fame

Scratch the surface of any actor and underneath you will find a frustrated singer dying to burst out and start belting a tune. Sadly most of these thespians don’t realize that they have little to no musical talent which usually results in auditory disasters like the unfortunate musical stylings of the 5 actors turned singers on this list. So sit back, pour yourself a glass of iced tea and prepare to be amazed by the sounds that these fellas considered to be quality music:

5. JUST THE WAY I PLANNED IT by Phillip Michael Thomas


I think if everyone were to smoke whatever Philip Michael Thomas (Tubbs from MIAMI VICE in case you didn’t know) was smoking when he made this song we’d have a pretty damn peaceful planet. Brotha man was thinking outside the box on this one. This song makes absolutely no sense and PMT was just inflecting the living hell out of every other word. What the hell was he planning exactly because I couldn’t figure it out and then when he went on that run about “wisdom, knowledge, and understanding”…well I was just totally flummoxed. Y’know what is even crazier than the song itself? The video. In this video, chock full of light beams and smoke machines, PMT is rocking a third eye, dancing like a spazz, and emitting such strong zesty vibes that it would have made the tangy disco queen Sylvester gasp and swoon. He should have gotten some tips from his onscreen partner Don Johnson on how to make a good song because HEARTBEAT was the jam back in the day.

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