The Top 10 Songs By Jacksons Not Named Michael or Janet

Everyone is wondering who that white guy is sitting next to Joe

The musical Jackson’s have a long and storied career going from the beginnings of the Jackson 5 to the mega-stardom and icon status of Janet and Michael in their solo careers. It is due to the gigantic shadow cast by Michael and Janet that a lot of the music made by the rest of the Jackson clan has gone unnoticed (in some cases criminally) so I felt it was my duty to spread a little bit of the love around to some of the other musical offerings by folks from the Jackson clan with this list of tunes that, while heavy on the Jermaine catalog, touches upon pretty much the entirety of the music put out by the various children and grandkids.

10 – SEX APPEAL by 3T


3T are the spawn of Tito Jackson and were really big in Europe in the mid to late 1990’s. Their biggest hit here and abroad was a song called Anything but I hated that one a whole helluva lot and the rest of their catalog is pretty unremarkable. In my opinion the only good song these three facially reconstructed fellas had was Sex Appeal since it was up-tempo which helped mask their really weak vocals.

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