Bosom Buddies 2: Electric Boogaloo

Bosom Buddies
Buffy & Hildegard Are Giving The Side-Eye To This Janky Copycat Show

BOSOM BUDDIES was a show that starred Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari as two best friends who were working low paying jobs who dressed up as women so that they can move into an affordable women only apartment building. WORK IT is a show that stars Ben Koldyke and Amaury Nolasco as two best friends who are out of work so they dress up as women to get jobs at a pharmaceutical company. The similarities abound between these two shows but the one glaring difference (aside from WORK IT not benefiting from the presence of the delectable Donna Dixon) is that BOSOM BUDDIES was capable of being funny now and again while WORK IT is laugh free.

Work It
In an earlier blog post I pegged WORK IT as being the worst show that ABC would premiere this season and after watching the pilot episode I was proven very prescient.
There is so much wrong with this show in so many areas (one big issue is that every joke was terribly unfunny) but the worst is in the casting. BOSOM BUDDIES was able to get away with the fact that Hanks and Scolari’s Buffy and Hilda were butt ugly manly women because the show was created in the early 1980s when the idea of cross dressers and transvestites were not concepts that the public at large was all that familiar with. Well its 2012 and to present two hulking dudes with visible stubble as women and have no one come out and call them she-males is just an unacceptable suspension of disbelief. When this show was being green lit the first order of business should have been to find a couple of actors who could convincingly pull off the supposed high concept. But even with passable transvestites the writing would still be an embarrassment. The jokes were alternately crude and dimwitted but never funny. Not even chuckle worthy.
And I also don’t get what all the outrage from LGBT groups was about. The show worked so hard to ignore the cross-dressing elephant in the room that it became impossible for anything offensive or insensitive to the trans community. This show was unworthy of the attention and far too inconsequential to have caused anyone to become upset. Its just a really stupid, really unfunny bit of TV that is likely to be canceled before its second episode airs based on the abysmal ratings its debut episode scored.

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