Trailer of the Day: Area 407

In “Area 407,” innocent people with family and friends waiting for them boarded a state of the art jet liner piloted by an experienced crew. They had every reason to believe the pilots could safely navigate a storm and negotiate turbulence without crashing the plane to the Earth from 30,000 feet. They trusted them. They were wrong. The small group that survived, some critically wounded, had every reason to believe that help was on the way. After all, technology was their savior. Again, they were wrong. They were wrong because the very people they trusted to protect and rescue them are the very same people who created the hell in which they now find themselves. –

Take one part Jurassic Park, mix with with one part Lost and add a spritz of any of the “found footage” films of the past 10 years and you get AREA 407 (formerly called TAPE 407; they are gonna have to change their official website).

I am a sucker for these types of movies no matter how many times I get burned by the sucky ones and I still get giddy as a school girl at anything with dinosaurs so I am intrigued by this trailer to say the least.

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