Game of Thrones Scene of the Week: Little Orphan Arya

“A Man Without Honor” was a bit heavier on dialog than action and the best scene for me was the further adventures of Little Orphan Arya and her ward Daddy Lannister. Tywin Lannister is surrounded by generals yet he can only have deep, meaningful conversations with a tweenage girl he has just met. That this man of great intellect and power is surrounded by so many idiots has been shown in previous episodes and this exchange was just extra fun. The two characters went back and forth with Tywin making it known that he is aware when Arya is lying while Arya stays on her toes every time Tywin thinks he has her cornered.

I have been a fan of Charles Dance ever since i first saw him in the so bad its good Eddie Murphy movie The Golden Child and Maisie Williams is one of the best child actors on TV today. Together these two have some of the most natural chemistry in their scenes and that says something considering the wealth of great acting on this show.

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