5 Underrated UK Shows You Should Check Out


If you are a fan of Idris Elba and have wanted to see him in something more like his breakout role as Stringer Bell in the amazing HBO series The Wire (as opposed to playing Nicolas Cage’s sidekick in Ghost Rider or his thankless role in Prometheus) then I suggest you seek out his amazing psychological crime-drama Luther.
Detective Chief Inspector John Luther is an absolute mental mess of a man who has no issues with cutting corners or doing shady things in order to close a case. And the relationship between Luther and suspected murderer Alice Morgan (played remarkably by Ruth Wilson) is one of the most intriguing I have seen on an TV show. Luther and Morgan’s sexually charged game of cat-and-mouse drives most of the first season of the show and would be more than enough to justify watching the show.


The Sarah Jane Adventures followed the exploits of one of the Doctor Who franchise’s most popular companions, plucky reporter Sarah Jane Smith (played by Elizabeth Sladen). The now more mature Sarah Jane found herself as a sort of “den mother of adventure” to a trio of teenagers as they worked to assist aliens in need and do battle against the more malicious aliens that had come to Earth.
It was fun little series that was aimed at younger viewers but always worked to be sophisticated enough to entertain older fans of the Who universe in general and the Sarah Jane character in particular. The series ran for four seasons with the fifth season having to be canceled due to Sladen’s death from cancer.


The Fades was centered around teenager Paul who just so happened to see the spirits of the dead. Paul started to realize this gift just when his town began to become overpopulated with these spirits as a result of some of the more grumpy Fades discovering a (very gruesome) way to become kind of human again.
Paul and his friends get pulled into the ages old war between Fades and those humans like Paul who have been battling to keep the Fades from fully entering the human world.
The Fades only ran for one 6 episode season but the series was very dark and full of creepy twists and turns that always keeps you guessing.


Have you ever wondered what super-heroes do with their down time? Well wonder no more because No Heroics shows us that when not in tights and fighting injustice, super-heroes like to hang out a their local pub and have a few drinks with their friends.
No Heroics was a hilarious show that unfortunately only had one season but in those 6 episodes I quickly became hooked and wanted to see more of the lives of the primary foursome as they jealously hated on the douchebaggiest of all heroes, Excelsior.


Based on the young adult novel of the same name, Sugar Rush focuses on the trials and tribulations of 15 year old Kim as she tries to adjust to her burgeoning lesbianism, her move to a new city and her parents crumbling marriage. All of this is compounded by the arrival of wild child Sugar into Kim’s life. the two girls quickly become best friends and Kim just as quickly finds herself falling for Sugar despite Sugar being solely focused on boys.
Sugar Rush had some of the most realistic treatment of teenager coming to grips with her homosexuality while also being a really fun show to watch. the characters were all multi-layered from Kim and Sugar down to all of the supporting cast.
The show ran for two seasons consisting of 10 episodes each. Most of season one’s episodes can be found in their entirety on YouTube.

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