Trailer of The Day: Doctor Who Series 7

Doctor Who returns this fall (with new episodes airing on BBC America on the same day they air in the UK on BBC proper) and I can’t wait.
And the possibility of a dead Amy Pond just makes me want this series to hurry up and start even more.
Click on through to see the trailer.

2 thoughts on “Trailer of The Day: Doctor Who Series 7

  1. So excited for this! I’ll actually be in England when it comes out 🙂

    Just curious, are you saying that you want Amy Pond to die? If so I will be very sad indeed…

    The new girl could be promising though, fingers crossed


    1. Yep, I absolutely loathe Amy Pond.
      And I hope the new Companion is good; I’m really hopin gshe isn’t yet another modern UK woman, I’d prefer someone from a different time.


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