So This Is Where Oxygen Draws The Line of Bad Taste?

The (much anticipated by me at least) reality show “All My Babies Mamas“, which would have featured Atlanta based rapper Shawty Lo and his plethora of babies and their respective mamas, has been pre-emptively canceled by the Oxygen network due to outcries from pretty much everyone who bore witness to its’ (awesome) sizzle reel trailer. I am a bit perturbed for a few reasons…namely because this looked like the trainwreck of all trainwrecks and I was planning to enjoy every second of it and also because the Oxygen network’s biggest claim to fame is a little show called “The Bad Girls Club” which is quite possibly the most disgusting reality show to ever be televised.

So I am a bit curious why a show that features a fella with prolific sperm who takes care of each and every one of his illegitimate brood is the line that shall not be crossed while a show that exists for no other reason than to show young women acting like drunken, violent whores skates under the radar with nary a hint of criticism? “The Bad Girls Club” is a vile show and it attracts a caliber of attention starved skank that makes the real Housewives and Mob Wives of the reality genre look like poster girls for feminism. Take a look at the trailer for “All My Babies Mamas” and a highlight reel of the standard hijinks from any given season of “The Bad Girls Club” and see if you can figure out which show is more likely to bring about the decline of western civilization. My money is on the drunken hoochies.

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