Utopia Is The Craziest Reality Show Ever

If you are not watching the clusterfuck that is Fox’s new reality show Utopia then you really need to get on board the crazy train!

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Big Brother Bigotry Supercut

This season of BIG BROTHER has been exceedingly racist/sexist/prejudiced as if there was a casting call for the most obnoxious and hateful attention whores in the country and the best and brightest all were thrown into one tacky house to have their every move recorded 24/7. Usually the show doesn’t make the more offensive stuff that is shown on the live feeds on the thrice weekly TV show but the outrage over the offensive statements from the house guests was so strong that CBS aired a clip of the racist statements of two house guests, Aaryn and GinaMarie, which was a ice first step especially since the show the viewers to vote on a season MVP and that person will win a cash prize so voters really do need to be informed of who these people are. However, there has been much more hateful crap spewed out by other house guests which did not get an airing on the CBS show but luckily a bigotry compilation video has been put together showing just how vile the majority of this season’s cast really are.

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So This Is Where Oxygen Draws The Line of Bad Taste?

The (much anticipated by me at least) reality show “All My Babies Mamas“, which would have featured Atlanta based rapper Shawty Lo and his plethora of babies and their respective mamas, has been pre-emptively canceled by the Oxygen network due to outcries from pretty much everyone who bore witness to its’ (awesome) sizzle reel trailer. I am a bit perturbed for a few reasons…namely because this looked like the trainwreck of all trainwrecks and I was planning to enjoy every second of it and also because the Oxygen network’s biggest claim to fame is a little show called “The Bad Girls Club” which is quite possibly the most disgusting reality show to ever be televised.
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How Far Must Your Star Have Fallen To Appear On A Celebrity Diving Show?

That is the question I keep asking myself about the cast of characters who agreed to appear in Stars In Danger: The High Dive on Fox. The cast includes: J-Wow (Jersey Shore), Kim Richards and Kyle Richards (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), former NFL star Terrell Owens, David Chokachi (Baywatch), Antonio Sabato Jr. (General Hospital), Pro surfer Bethany Hamilton, and Alexandra Paul (Baywatch).
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