Be Careful What You Wish For With The Walking Dead

OK, right off the bat I want to get out of the way how much I really like this show and the comic book it originated from. Sure it aggravates me at times but overall I am fan of the show and never miss an episode. That does not mean that I am slavishly devoted to it however. when I see things that irk me I tend to whine about them which is what this post is about. Specifically my issue is with the way two of my favorite characters from the comic book (that I was clamoring to see on the show) , Tyreese and Michonne, are being represented on the TV show.

When Michonne was first introduced I was jazzed. I really wanted to see how cool a katana wielding chick with two armless/jawless zombies on leashes would look on TV. And I was pleasantly surprised at just how cool she ended up looking when she debuted.
The casting for Michonne was spot on looks wise. Danai Gurira was the physical embodiment of Michonne so all was right with the world. or so it seemed. As episodes from Season 3 began to roll out it became noticeable that Michonne was becoming a seriously one note character. She is constantly giving angry bitchface, she was always surly and she had a problem with stringing more than 3 sentences together at a clip. Now I am all fine with surliness but with Michonne it quickly veered into Angry Black Woman territory and her barely talking has ventured into the realm of every episode of Three’s Company where all sorts of misunderstandings tend to result from her not just opening her mouth and telling the people around her a few pertinent tidbits of information. Most of the confusion with Andrea and mistrust with Rick could have been cleared up wit a simple chat.
Tonight’s episode of the show is supposed to feature Michonne going out on a run with Carl and Rick so I am hoping that the character will finally get some much needed fleshing out and the show begins to reel back the anger and focus on more layers her personality.

The characterization of Tyreese on the show has been even more troubling to me than Michonne’s just because of the Highlander Rule that seems to dictate that only one black dude can be a part of the show’s main cast at a time. With that hanging in the air the fact that Tyreese has only been shown to be a a genial lump who is desperate for a safe place to call home kinda makes me nervous. Even though if I have to watch Tyreese give the same wide-eyed, sappy delivery of some variation of the line “We’ll work hard and do whatever you say, boss…just let us stay here” I think I might start actively wishing for his demise.
The Tyreese I liked from the book was a cool cat who was good in a fight, adept at wielding a hammer and damn near fearless. he was also tight with Rick but wouldn’t hesitate to call him out when he felt he was in the wrong. And he was also a sex machine with all the chicks. Now if somewhere in the last few episodes of Season 3 we get some glimpses of the guy from the book (which Chad Coleman is more than capable of playing effectively) I will be one happy camper but if he becomes a bootlicking lackey of the Governor then I say bring back Morgan and send Tyreese to the great beyond with T-Dog and Oscar.


  1. Tim The Film Guy · March 3, 2013

    TYREESE has completely changed from the comics, it makes me angry every time he’s on screen 😦


    • Derek · March 3, 2013

      I am still holding out hope that the TV version of Tyreese will start to morph into the comic version because as he is right now I find myself not really caring what happens to him.


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