Hate Watching The Walking Dead [S08E10: The Lost and the Plunderers]

Carl’s dead and Rick and Michonne are still reeling but Rick decides to push his grief aside and focus on the mission at hand: namely continuing his war against Negan. The trash People have to face the music. Maggie sends Negan a present. We find out what happened with Enid and Aaron at Oceanside. And Simon chews all the scenery.

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Hate Watching The Walking Dead [S08E09: Honor]

THE WALKING DEAD is back to finish off this eighth season of unbridled mediocrity that the soon to be departed showrunner Scott Gimple vomited out for an unsuspecting TV audience. When last we left our group of zombie apocalypse survivors things had really gotten awful: their homes have been destroyed, The Saviors are on the attack and Carl revealed that he had been bitten by a walker. Can things possibly get any worse? My guess is yes.

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My Favorite LGBTQ Characters From Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Adventure TV

As a big old nerd I wholeheartedly recognize and appreciate that the realm of genre (science fiction, fantasy, horror, action/adventure) TV has always been very progressive and ahead of the curve in pop culture when it comes to LGBTQ representation and over the years I have become a major fanboy of many of the LGBTQ characters that have appeared on those TV shows. So in honor of LGBTQ Pride Month I figured I’d share some of that love with this list of my favorite characters from some of my favorite TV shows.

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My Name Is Derek And I Am Still A Hate-Watcher

It has been 2 years since the last time I wrote about my hate-watching habit and try as I might I still can’t seem to get this monkey off my back. Sure most of the shows I was hate-watching have mercifully gone to the TV show graveyard in the sky yet other shows have popped up to fill that hole in my soul that only a good hate-watch can satisfy.

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Who Will Die On The Walking Dead Season Four Finale?

Never Accept Grilled Meat From Creepy Sister-Wife Tasha Yar

Never Accept Grilled Meat From Creepy Sister-Wife Tasha Yar

it’s that time of year again…the finale episode of THE WALKING DEAD is upon and like in previous years the question arises of just who will be biting the big one. Or more appropriately who will be getting bitten. So click onward and see my pics for who from this cast is likely to be looking for work over the summer.

Stuff Like This Is Why I Can Never Quit The Walking Dead

Sure I am just as critical about this show as pretty much everyone else but episodes like The Grove and the little tidbit in animated Gif form about Terminus behind the cut are why I love this show so damn much. Even when I really don’t want to.

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Trailer of the Day: The Walking Dead Season 4

As part of this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con festivities, AMC has premiered a (nearly 5 minute!) THE WALKING DEAD trailer for Season 4 which is set to air on October 13 and it looks great.
The prison finally looks livable, Michonne has a horse, there is a traitor inside the prison group, we get a version of the awesome Tyreese “hammer time” scene from the comics and like cockroaches, talk radio has survived the end of the world! Check it out after the cut.
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Carl From The Walking Dead Is Stone Cold


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This new cover image from an upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly shows a Carl Grimes that is so far removed from the annoying little snot who never did what he was told in Season One. Carl is now looking like a bonafide sociopath who is eager to pop a cap in the ass of any zombie (or human) who has the misfortune of shambling into his view and young Chandler Riggs has really mastered that dead-eyed stare. He’s also my favorite character on the whole show now.