Who Will Die On The Walking Dead Season Four Finale?

Never Accept Grilled Meat From Creepy Sister-Wife Tasha Yar
Never Accept Grilled Meat From Creepy Sister-Wife Tasha Yar

it’s that time of year again…the finale episode of THE WALKING DEAD is upon and like in previous years the question arises of just who will be biting the big one. Or more appropriately who will be getting bitten. So click onward and see my pics for who from this cast is likely to be looking for work over the summer.

8 thoughts on “Who Will Die On The Walking Dead Season Four Finale?

  1. Weigh this thought: what if the person to die in the season finale were Rick Grimes himself? Before the penultimate episode there were three episodes in a row in which Rick made no appearance at all. This could have been a test to see if people would still watch without him. Also, Andrew Lincoln is the guest on Talking Dead for the first time ever after the finale. It has been mentioned that a lot of people have made their way onto that couch after their demise on the show. Just throwing that one out there, Derek.


    1. Y’know now that you mention it this second half of the season has been remarkably light on Rick Grimes. If they were to actually kill that character off it would blow the collective minds of every fan who watches this show because I think the 2 sacred cows that people think are bullet proof would be Rick and Carl.


      1. Maggie and Glenn are safe; at least until Maggie gets pregnant, because that is totally happening. After that, Glenn is fair game.

        I feel like Tyreese may be expendable as well, but with how little they have used him so far, versus the books, I don’t think they’d kill him off yet. Not until he has his moment.


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