Stuff Like This Is Why I Can Never Quit The Walking Dead

Sure I am just as critical about this show as pretty much everyone else but episodes like The Grove and the little tidbit in animated Gif form about Terminus behind the cut are why I love this show so damn much. Even when I really don’t want to.

terminus-flowers terminus-flowers2
terminus-lady terminus-lady2


The callbacks to earlier episodes are killing me!!!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Stuff Like This Is Why I Can Never Quit The Walking Dead

    1. Isn’t it though? I hadn’t made the connection to the sunflowers and painting to the creepy lady at Terminus right away. I guess I was too creeped out by her.


  1. Very much a love/hate relationship for me and The Walking Dead. I thought “The Grove” was a really good episode by this season’s standards, but I don’t think the show has found its footing since they killed off Shane. He was an undeniable driving-force on the show and the Governor storyline felt like one giant misstep, despite having great source material to work with. The show is in desperate need of a good villain.


    1. They really dropped the ball with The Governor. I have ben hoping wre would get The Hunters storyline because i think that would have been a nice change of pace as far as a non-zombie adversary for the group.


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