Trailer of the Day: Hercules


Having endured his legendary twelve labors, Hercules, the Greek demigod, has his life as a sword-for-hire tested when the King of Thrace and his daughter seek his aid in defeating a tyrannical warlord. – IMDb

The second attempt at bringing Hercules back to the big screen this year features Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the lead role so it already has a leg up on THE LEGEND OF HERCULES movie from January that starred the guy from TWILIGHT. It also has Ian McShane in it which is always a good thing but I am most unsure about Johnson. Is this film going to try and go for the period piece vibe where everyone is speaking in British acents (why all movies set in ancient times features people with Brit accents has been a mystery to me since forever) or will they go the TV version of Hercules route and let everyone speak as if it were modern times. Hopefully it’s the latter because The Rock trying to sound like one of the cast of GAME OF THRONES would be a recipe for disaster.

4 thoughts on “Trailer of the Day: Hercules

  1. I’m not too sure about Dwayne Johnson being cast as Hercules, either. However, I will say that the trailer does make it look pretty cool. We shall see.


  2. Trailer looks pretty fun! Haha I remember someone saying that the reason Brits are used for fantasy stuff is that its hard to watch lord of the rings with Gandolf having a Boston accent 😀


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