Bad Movies That Rock: Action Jackson

Devil Horns Rating:


What’s It About?

ACTION JACKSON is an unoriginal, paint by numbers 1980’s action movie about a cop who bucks authority at every turn but always gets his man (and his woman too!). Jericho “Action” Jackson was demoted from lieutenant to sergeant for conduct unbecoming of an officer in the apprehension of the son of a wealthy (and quite insane) auto magnate so when said auto magnate begins doing shady stuff and murdering people, Jackson is more than happy to go after him in order to get justice and a little payback.


What’s So Bad About It?

This movie is basically a Blacksploitation movie made 15 years too late starring Carl Weathers at his slab of granite best. If there is an 80s action movie trope you can think of you’d better believe it is gonna be in this movie. Sometimes on two or three different occasions. The acting is comically bad, the casting is perplexing, the action scenes are horribly shot. It is just a clusterfuck of epic proportions but for some reason I love every second of it.

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