Where Is The Cast Of Veronica Mars Now?

With the news of the VERONICA MARS movie Kickstarter meeting its proposed budget ($3.5 million so far!) in record time resulting in the filming of the movie being set up for this summer, I started wondering what has the cast of this show been up to since the last time we saw them in Neptune? Aside from hanging out with show creator Rob Thomas at Kristen Bell’s house that is.

Kristen Bell (VERONICA MARS)
When we last saw Veronica Mars she was starting at the FBI (that is if you have seen the video creator Rob Thomas made for the Season 3 DVD release, if not take a look) and being assigned to her first case that had her going undercover at a high school.
Nowadays Kristen Bell is a steady working actress. She has stared in major motion pictures ( FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, HIT & RUN) and TV (HEROES, GOSSIP GIRL). She is curently co-starring with Don Cheadle in the SHowtime series HOUSE OF LIES.

Enrico Colantoni (KEITH MARS)
When we last saw Veronica’s dad he had lost an election for the sheriff’s position and went back to his gig as the best private investigator in Neptune, CA but was asked to come back to the sheriff job by the city after the current sheriff died.
After the show was canceled Enrico made appearances on numerous TV shows before landing the lead role on the Canadian series Flashpoint. The show aired first in Canada but subsequently had its episodes airing during the summer months on CBS.

Jason Dohring (LOGAN ECHOLLS)
When we last saw bad boy Logan Echolls he had started a relationship with Parker Lee that ended when he couldn’t get over his feelings for Veronica. Despite his still being in love with Ms Mars, she and Logan did not get back together.
Jason Dohring has made appearances on a number of TV shows with regular roles on two short-lived series (MOONLIGHT and RINGER). He also does a voice on the KINGDOM HEARTS game series.

Percy Daggs III (Wallace Fennell)
When we last saw Veronica’s BFF he had lost his girlfriend, Jackie and redidicate himself to his studies and his college basketball team.
Percy has worked sporadically since the show ended making guest appearances on some TV shows and starring in some smaller films.TMZ has reported that Percy is definitely a go for the new movie.

Francis Capra (ELI “WEEVIL” NAVARRO)
When we last saw Weevil, Veronica had cleared him of the accusation that he was selling illegal student ID cards and then she gave him a machine that would allow him to begin doing the crime he was wrongly accused of. So I assume Weevil made a nice chunk of change from that endeavor.
Capra has appeared in several movies and TV shows usually playing some sort of thuggish, shady dude. He also has his own production company, Take Off Productions, and is an avid gamer with World of Warcraft being his go to gaming experience.

Teddy Dunn (DUNCAN KANE)
When we last saw Duncan he was laying a kiss on Veronica and declaring he will always love her before goign on the run with his baby daughter. Duncan was written off in Season 2 because of the overwhelming fan support for the Veronica-Logan relationship.
Aside from guest appearance on CSI: NY and a small part in the movie JUMPER, Dunn has not had much acting work in recent years. He instead decided to focus on his education at Boston College Law School.

When we last saw Meg she died while giving birth to her daughter with Duncan Kane.
Alona Tal has been a very busy lady starring several TV series and having a major recurring role on SUPERNATURAL. She is currently appearing in the CW series CULT.

Amanda Seyfried (LILLY KANE)
When we last saw Lilly she was appearing to Veronica in a dream and telling her about how much fun she would have once she went to college. By this time Veronica had already solved Lilly’s murder so her appearances were becoming fewer and far between.
Seyfried is one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood and has worked steadily since the show ended. She was a regular on the HBO series BIG LOVE, recently appeared in the big screen adaptation of LES MISERABLES and will next be seen in LOVELACE based on the life of adult film star Linda Lovelace.

When we last saw Dick he was trying to turn his life around after dealing with the tragedy that befell his brother.
Ryan Hansen has kept busy with roles in TV and movies. He also was a regular on the very funny cable series PARTY DOWN. He has a recurring role on the hit comedy series TWO BROKE GIRLS and is also scheduled to appear in the TV series based on the movie BAD TEACHER.

When we last saw Beaver he was revealed as Veronica’s rapist and the person behind the school bus accident in Season 2. He then killed himself after beaver2
Gallner has been one of the most prolific young actors out there. he has appeared in everything from SMALLVILLE and CRIMINAL MINDS to the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET reboot and the recent young adult novel turned movie BEAUTIFUL CREATURES. He will next be seen in the movie CBGB about the seminal punk rock club.

Tessa Thompson (JACKIE COOK)
When we last saw Jackie she was working at a diner in New York and taking care of her daughter. She ended things with Wallace because she decided to be a mom to her child. Not too big of a loss though since Jackie was one of the worst characters to ever appear on the show.
Tessa has been in a bunch of TV shows, the most recent being 666 PARK AVENUE and the BBC drama COPPER. She also sings in a band called CAUGHT A GHOST.

When we last saw Mac she had finally gotten over her awful relationship with Beaver and had started dating fellow computer geek Max at Hearst COllege.
Tina Majorino has appeared on a number of Tv shows since VERONICA MARS ended most notably BIG LOVE, TRUE BLOOD and BONES. She currently stars as Dr. Heather Brooks on the ABC show GREY’S ANATOMY.

Julie Gonzalo (PARKER LEE)
When we last saw Parker Lee she was breaking up with Logan after realizing that he was still hung up on Veronica. She then left Hearst to spend the summer with her horrible parents.
After VERONICA MARS, Gonzalo went on to star in the short-lived TV series Eli Stone as well as make guest appearances on other TV shows. She can currently be seen as the scheming Rebecca Barnes on the DALLAS reboot.

when we last saw Piz he was getting beat down by Logan Echolls who thought that Piz had uploaded a video of Piz and Veronica having sexy times.
Since the show ended Lowell has been a regular on PRIVATE PRACTICE, starred in the feature film THE HELP and will next be seen in the romantic drama LOVE AND HONOR.

Michael Muhney (SHERIFF DON LAMB)
When we last saw Sheriff Lamb he had beaten Keith Mars for the sheriff’s job and then was killed while investigating a domestic abuse case when the abusive husband bashed him in the head with a baseball bat.
Muhney can be seen weekdays playing bad boy Adam Newman on the long-running soap opera THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS.


  1. Matthew Thompson · March 16, 2013

    I wish I’d see Dohring in more stuff. He was really great on here. So excited for the movie!


    • Derek · March 16, 2013

      I am shocked that he didn’t get more work after VM because he is a really good actor and has a certain intensity level to his performances that I would think most casting directors would like.
      I’m pretty excited for the movie too.


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