Casting A Female Doctor Who

I recently watched a video of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/BATTLESTAR GALACTICA/TORCHWOOD writer Jane Espenson where she discussed the women of DOCTOR WHO and the conversation turned to the subject of a female Doctor (with Espenson suggesting that ANGEL alum Amy Ackerson would be a perfect casting choice) and it inspired me to do my own bit of wishful casting. So click onward to see my Top 5 choices of who I think would make pretty cool lady Doctors.
(Tenth Doctor Photo Courtesy of Jacklyn Black Cosplay)

Jamie Murray

Murray is a favorite of mine, having appeared and been really impressive, on several shows I watch regularly (SPARTACUS, DEXTER, WAREHOUSE 13) and is currently starring on the new SyFy series DEFIANT. It was on WAREHOUSE 13 that she played H.G. Wells (who it turned out was a lady!) and that role was very Who-like. She was a genius who could whip up any gadget to cover any situation which sounds just like The Doctor to me.

6 thoughts on “Casting A Female Doctor Who

  1. Really interesting article. I’m not familiar with the actress from Utopia, but your other four choices are all great. I think we have to see Helen Mirren in the show sometime in any role, but her being the Doctor would be even better!


    1. I would love to see Helen Mirren on Who in any role personally.
      And I can’t recommend Utopia enough…its only six episodes so if you are ever in search of a new series to watch I suggest you check it out.


  2. Good god! did you just google some female actresses and thought “that’ll do”, obviously you’ve never watched or maybe even heard of Dr Who, i’m not adverse to having a female doctor if they are right for the lead but not just for the sake of having a female doctor, there are a very few female British actresses who could pull this off and you’ve not picked one. Try harder.


    1. My you are chock full of prickish opinions, aren’t you?
      Feel free to school me on the very few Brit actresses who could pull it off since you are so wise in the ways of Who.


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