Trailer of the Day: The World’s End


Five friends who reunite in an attempt to top their epic pub crawl from 20 years earlier unwittingly become humankind’s only hope for survival. – IMDb

The third (and final) installment of the The Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy or the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy, whichever you prefer, is upon us! This time Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost join forces to bring the masses their take on the alien invasion movie after giving us their version of a zombie movie (SHAUN OF THE DEAD) and a buddy cop movie (HOT FUZZ). All I can say is that it’s about damn time! And this trailer looks like it will continue the same high quality that the previous two movies provided. It also doesn’t hurt that they have added Martin Freeman to the proceedings which can only make an already snazzy flick into something even snazzier.
Can’t wait till August when this is released in the US (those lucky Brits get it a month earlier).

3 thoughts on “Trailer of the Day: The World’s End

    1. I actually let out a yay myself when I first saw the trailer…it seems like this movie has been in production for eons.


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