My 5 Unpopular Lost Opinions

LOST was a great show and I loved it. But there were some things about the show that served to temper my love at times and since I recently watched a ton of episodes in a sort of recap marathon, those issues all came to the forefront again. So with that in mind I decided to share my 5 unpopular LOST opinions with the Internet. Take a gander and let me know if you disagree with my opinions.

I Did Not Hate Nikki & Paulo

Let me be more clear…I didn’t hate the idea of Nikki and Paulo. We were always seeing Red Shirt crash survivors milling about in the background while Jack, Locke and the rest of the crew with contract roles went about their business so the idea that one or two of those nameless extras would be bumped up to regular cast member(s) was something I always expected to happen. And to be perfectly honest if the show had introduced the characters of Nikki and Paulo in a better way than to just all of a sudden have all the regular cast act like these two characters had been involved heavily with the action all along but we just never noticed as viewers, then maybe the backlash against them would not have been so furious.
I especially think that the ball was dropped after seeing the Nikki and Paulo swan song episode where we found out that the two of them were despicable, money grubbing murderers. I think that things on the island would have been even more interesting with two selfish, amoral crooks on the canvas who unbeknownst to the rest of the castaways would be capable of total betrayal and shocking violence if they felt it served their purpose. Plus I like Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro…both are fine actors who got hosed by the writers with a crappy introduction for their characters.

2 thoughts on “My 5 Unpopular Lost Opinions

    1. I never liked that character…he just annoyed me from day one. But that is the great thing about shows like this with large casts, everyone has their faves and those they dislike.

      Thanks for stopping by and posting!


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