Thank God It’s Wednesday!

After a holiday break TGIW is back just in time for The Trinity War to get kicked off, two brand new books from Image that continue to cement that company’s place int he comic book world as the new Vertigo, the return of the World’s Worst Superteam and the Uncanny X-Men spend an entire issue talking…a lot.

Cyclops and his band of fugitive X-Men are catching their breath after all the hell dimension hopping which gives the team time to lose a member, gain a member and talk talk talk talk talk as characters in Brian Michael Bendis written comics are known to do.
Final Verdict: This was quite the chatty issue but it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because Bendis has a nice handle on the new mutants that Cyclops has recruited. So seeing a young mutant make the decision to go back to his life instead of fighting demons and then having to explain his new mutant powers to his family was pretty funny. And the introduction of the new mutant in this issue was also enjoyable. However I just can’t stand the way Bendis writes the established mutants in the book. They all come off sounding exactly the same and in the case of Magik and Emma Frost they look exactly the same (Chris Bachalo’s art continues to unimpress). But my biggest issue with this book is the bizarre need for Bendis to introduce obstacles that really aren’t all that interesting. This team is already on the wanted list and are hated by the general populace so to have their powers completely screwed up and creating a situation where we are going to have to watch them learn how to use their powers all over again just bores me to tears.
And Bendis writes the worst Magneto ever.
Grade: C+

The Justice League universe crossover begins here as the first shots in The Trinity War are fired.
Final Verdict: This was a damn good read in terms of both story and art. I loved the way the story was told through one of Madame Xanadu’s readings. A lot of whining has been happening in comic book circles over the way Geoff Johns writes the members of the League compared to how they are written in their own books (as if the universally revered Grant Morrison Justice League actually had all of the characters acting exactly like they did in their own books) especially in the case of Wonder Woman. Well I say balderdash to that! Wonder Woman is written like more of a warrior in this comic and I love it. The stuff where she hints to Superman why she doesn’t have as long a list of arch enemies and him and Batman (here’s a hint: she kills them) was a perfect illustration that she isn’t a super-hero but rather a warrior. There were a couple of shocks in this book too that i won’t spoil but the one fully explains just who this war gets escalated and the other shocker explains why the Justice League Dark team would care enough to get pulled into this conflict.
Grade: B+

A supernatural/noir caper comic centering on Jackson T. Winters, a master thief hired to acquire the one thing an eccentric billionaire does not have in his exotic collection…namely a ghost.
Final Verdict: When a comic book’s first page features a splash page of prison rape then you know that you aren’t reading an issue of an Archie comic. This book is very nonchalant in the way it shows violence which is likely setting the reader up for some truly horrific events to come once Jackson and his team really get into the deep end of the haunted house pool. Speaking of Jackson T. Winters, I loved this character from the start and while reading the book I was hearing his lines spoken like an actor in an old movie. There is still a lot of mystery around him but he is an instantly likable character. I also liked the way the team was assembled and am really intrigued by the seemingly duplicitous member of the crew and just what that person’s motivations are.
Grade: B

One of the combatants that was thought dead makes a roaring return to life with a serious mad on for the people that killed her.
Final Verdict: Nico’s not dead!!!! Huzzah! I admit to not being the biggest fan of this Battle Royale/Hunger Games mash-up for a number of reasons (poor characterization, a focus on unappealing characters, just being a stupid idea executed in a mediocre fashion) but this issue was a bit better than others I have read. Nico from The Runaways used her blood magic to not only come back to life but to exact revenge on the annoying characters that “killed” her. And after an entire year we finally have one of these friggin’ kids making some inroads into figuring out where the hell they all are. The fact that they so easily were manipulated into playing Arcade’s game instead of looking for ways to turn the tables on the Z-list joke of a villain always bothered me.
Grade: C

Billed as a “pre-apocalypse” story, SHELTERED takes us inside of the survivalist community of Safe Haven where the citizens are preparing for the end of the world but the one disaster they are not prepared for is what to do when their kids turn on them.
Final Verdict:
This book was really gripping. the way the members of the community were introduced while at the same time an air of tension was floating around all of the scenes because of the impending horror that was coming made it hard to take. Its like Children of the Corn without the supernatural crops nonsense as the children of Safe Haven fall in line behind their leader and proceed to kill all of the adults ad other kids who aren’t down with the plan. I am not sure how long this story can be stretched out but I am along for the ride for as long as it lasts.
Grade: B

The return of The World’s Worst Superteam in this reboot of the much loved series by comic legends Christopher Priest and MD Bright. Now under the new Valiant banner and being helmed by James Asmus and Tom Fowler, this issue gives readers the all-new, all different origin story of Quantum and Woody!
Final Verdict:
I have to give Asmus and Fowler credit for making me actually like a book that I was pretty determined to hate just because it wasn’t being written/drawn by Priest and Bright. Sure there are some changes to the characters but I was fine with them. The main change that I really liked was making Quantum and Woody adopted brothers instead of best friends which adds another dimension to their relationship )even though i wonder if that was done just to avoid the “are they a couple?” question that was brought up endlessly int heir last run) and the humor is funny enough even though I would like to see things get less slapsticky. But all the things I love about the characters are still intact: Quantum is a straitlaced stick in the mud, Woody is a degenerate and they bicker more than anything else. Plus Woody still is prone to bursting out a chorus of “Med-i-sin Woman!”. All I need now is for a very quick introduction of Vincent Van Goat.
Grade: B+

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