How Warner Bros Execs Reacted To The Frenzy Over Ben Affleck As Batman

Amid all of the Sturm und Drang over Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman I have wondered just how the public uproar has gone over at the Warner Brothers offices and after the cut you can see what I think is probably the closest thing to what really happened when the casting news broke the InterWebz.

Because at the end of the day, despite all of the petitions, Twitter rants, Tumblr memes and YouTube meltdowns…all of the the angry people are going to be in line on this movie’s opening weekend next to the rest of us who don’t see this casting as the first sign of the apocalypse.
And getting our money is all the folks at WB care about.

2 thoughts on “How Warner Bros Execs Reacted To The Frenzy Over Ben Affleck As Batman

  1. I remember when they casted Tom Cruise as Lestat for Interview w/ a Vampire. It was an uproar. Well, all I can say is he did an extremely good job at portraying Lestat. An actor’s job is to make you forget he is an actor and see him as the character in the film you’re watching.

    Meanwhile, the gas prices go to $4 a gallon and nobody says a word ?????


    1. I am quite sure that the folks who started really never thought that it would be used as an outlet for over the top nerd rage.


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