Trailer of the Day: Gone Girl


Directed by David Fincher and based upon the global bestseller by Gillian Flynn – unearths the secrets at the heart of a modern marriage. On the occasion of his fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) reports that his beautiful wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike), has gone missing. Under pressure from the police and a growing media frenzy, Nick’s portrait of a blissful union begins to crumble. Soon his lies, deceits and strange behavior has everyone asking the same dark question: Did Nick Dunne kill his wife? – IMDb

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How Warner Bros Execs Reacted To The Frenzy Over Ben Affleck As Batman

Amid all of the Sturm und Drang over Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman I have wondered just how the public uproar has gone over at the Warner Brothers offices and after the cut you can see what I think is probably the closest thing to what really happened when the casting news broke the InterWebz.
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Oscar Predictions & Ruminations 2: Attack of The Clones

Well its that time of year again where anyone with competent motor skills and a high speed Internet connection decides to share their Oscar predictions with the rest of the world. And like the lovable lemming that I am, I am doing it too. I only predict the categories I care about and consider the “Biggies” which comes to 6 categories. Last year I went 4 for 6 (damn you Meryl Streep and guy from The Artist!!!) so I am looking to increase my average this go round.
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