Place Your Bets! Who Will Be The First To Die On Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD?

Joss Whedon’s new show set in the Marvel cinematic universe has been steadily trending downwards in the rating since its monster debut. I enjoyed some aspects of the show and as an admitted comic book geek, really want the show to succeed. However the issue that has been nearly universally mentioned by detractors and fans alike is that the characters on this show are pretty awful. This lack of a full cast of characters that immediately grabs the audience is proving detrimental to the show and makes sitting through an hour of it each week much more of a chore than it really needs to be. This brings me to the title of this post and the solution to the problems that are ailing viewers of this show. Joss Whedon has shown no hesitation in killing characters that he has done a marvelous job making audiences care about. Don’t believe me? Do the names Wash, Doyle, Jenny Calendar, Book, Cordelia, and Joyce Summers ring a bell? All were characters that were far more fully formed and beloved by the fans than anyone on Agents of SHIELD not named Phil Coulson and in most cases their deaths provided tons of material for future storylines. So if Whedon can kill off characters that people like to make a show better he should have no trouble popping a couple caps in the collective asses of some of the less than compelling characters on Agents of SHIELD. And with ratings dropping every week I thought it would be a good idea to begin preparing for the inevitable by taking a look at which member of Agent Coulson’s SHIELD team is most likely to bite the bullet first.

Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg)

Coulson is the main man in charge and the bridge between the Marvel TV and movie universes. He is also the least likely person to die since he just died in the Avengers film and he is the backbone of this show. Phil Coulson is not the problem with this show anyway. It is quite the opposite actually. Fans came into this show already liking Coulson and the chance to flesh out the character with glimpses into his past as a SHIELD agent and deeper looks into what makes him tick as a man are all things I am eager to see onscreen. Also on the side of Coulson living is the fact that his resurrection after being killed by Loki in the Avengers movie is the #1 big mystery of the show and until we get answers to that one I would consider Agent Coulson to be just about untouchable. I am so confident in Agent Coulson living that if Whedon were to actually kill Coulson I would eat one of my shoes and post the video on Vine.
Odds: 50 to 1

7 thoughts on “Place Your Bets! Who Will Be The First To Die On Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD?”

  1. I know he killed a lot of character and we can’t include them all, but I think Fred, Tara and Anya need to be on that list, too.
    The only thing working against your “too much mystery” thing is Book. Killed with open mystery. Heck he even rubbed our faces in it. Then that’s a “final episode” (counting Serenity as such) thing, so if the show is cancelled then mystery (and even love interests) because a lot less safe.
    A lot of characters [Book & Wash, Anya, Fred (and possibly Wesley), almost everyone in Dollhouse] are killed right at the end or leading up to it, so anything learnt from them only applies if the show is cancelled with enough notice to kill (note Firefly before the movie).
    Jenny, I discount as evidence of anything because she was created to be killed. Tara & Doyle were to do with actors leaving the show (or being forced out).
    That leaves Joyce and Cordelia, both written out for plot reasons (to force Buffy to grow up/they’d run out of Cordelia plot).
    – Coulston: depends what his mystery is. If he’s an evil robot duplicate then his odds are down to 5:1. If he can’t be easily explained in a movie and the show is cancelled I think he is also doomed. But if the show is cancelled and you can throw a line in Avengers 2 or something to explain why he’s back (for the film audience) then he’s up at 50:1.
    – Skye: As annoying as she is she’s the audience surrogate and they don’t usually get killed off unless the actor leaves in season 5 or something. Even Joss hasn’t done that (but should).
    – Melinda May: Agreed. If Coulston is targeted for execution her stepping up as leader would be a nice play.
    – Grant Ward: The will they/won’t they thing and play out safely for him for years. But if they get together the countdown will really start for him. He may not even survive the episode.
    – Fitz/Simmons: A nice dynamic going there that will damage the show if one of them is killed. So if the series is ongoing they’re pretty safe. If it is cancelled then one of them is toast, The nerdy funny ones are favourite end game targets of Joss.


    1. All of the untapped potential there was with Shepherd Book still grinds my gears…damn you to hell, Fox executives!!!!!
      My own preferences would lean towards Ward or Skye just because they are the two characters with the least potential to be interesting going forward and who I am having the hardest time warming up to.


  2. I say Ward, so far he is the least interesting and has no basis for the plot to carry on. Plus the characters now like him enough to cause emotional distress if he was killed 😀

    I’d normally agree about the two science nerds being killed off but as this show has a major shortage of likable characters I doubt they’d get rid of the comic relief, because so far its the only thing that works (kind of) 😀


      1. I don’t think Whedon has anything to do with this series, might have helped with the pilot but I have seen no evidence of his hands on this project. That whilst very sad is a part of his final farewell to Firefly so it doesn’t really matter to where series was going because sadly there was no series after the film 😦


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