Trailer of the Day: Godzilla


The king of all monsters gets a reboot with this Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures production helmed by Gareth Edwards, who gained critical attention with his intimate twist on the giant-creature genre with his feature-film debut, Monsters. David Goyer (The Dark Knight) provides the script. – Rotten Tomatoes

Man, just the shots of those paratroopers dropping into a devastated San Francisco and then the silhouette of Godzilla (and he looks massive!) through all of the smoke would have been more than enough of a trailer for me. So all the other clips that were shown in this trailer were just gravy. This trailer makes it look like this version of Godzilla is going to be primarily a disaster movie with Godzilla being the disaster in question. It also looks incredibly bleak which could work if they are going the disaster movie route. Hopefully we get a couple more kaiju for Godzilla to fight because the one thing that most re-imaginings of the Big G tend to get wrong is that audiences want to root for the King of Monsters not root against him. Sure his first appearance can lead to misunderstanding and attempts to blow him up but before log he needs to become mankind’s first line of defense against all the three-headed dragons, radioactive snapping turtles and giant moths that tend to inhabit a kaiju crazy world.

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