Sherlock Noonien Smaug Recites R Kelly Lyrics

I for one am overjoyed to see that Benedict Cumberbatch has decided to pick up the mantle of Star Trek affiliated actors who give dramatic readings of song lyrics. William Shatner isn’t going to be around forever no matter how much we want him to be immortal. So kudos, Mr. Cumberbatch for volunteering to carry on a fine tradition.

As much as I enjoyed Benedict’s reading of R Kelly’s Genius, if he and Jimmy Kimmel really wanted to go for broke they would have done this with R Kelly’s filthy ode to cunnilingus, Cookie.
With lyrics like “Cookie, Cookie, Cookie. I’m A Cookie Monster. Break Your Back, Crack It Open Like A Lobster”, it would have been a laugh riot to see Cumberbatch recite it.
Listen to the song for yourself…it is the funniest damn thing I have heard in a while.
R Kelly – Cookie

4 thoughts on “Sherlock Noonien Smaug Recites R Kelly Lyrics

  1. Shatner and Mr. Tambourine Man; Cumberbatch and Genius. I wonder of we can get Zachary Quinto to do Trapped in the Closet? 🙂


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