So Evil Ed Is A Villain In Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Evil Ed Thompson (played by actor Stephen Geoffreys) was the rat-faced bestie of vampire battling teen Charlie Brewster in the original FRIGHT NIGHT movie and I will be darned if he doesn’t look to be choking out Spider-Man in the latest promo pic from the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2.

"There are no such things as vampires, fruitcake!"

“There are no such things as vampires, fruitcake!”

Supposedly the pic posted below is of Dane Dehaan as Harry Osborn/Green Goblin battling Spider-Man in some clock tower type place. But instead it looks like someone at Sony rescued Geoffreys’ from his failed career in gay porn to embody his most famous role once again.


Click to See The Whole Image


  1. jmount43 · February 21, 2014

    It does look like Ed; it’s actually Dane DeHaan from Chronicle.


  2. Tim The Film Guy · February 22, 2014

    Really hope he is creepy and messed up and not just hilarious šŸ˜€


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