Game of Thrones Season 4 Scene of the Week: Hodor Smash!

Don’t make Hodor angry. You wouldn’t like Hodor when he’s angry. Especially not if he is under the mental control of an angry crippled kid whose entire existence has been yanked away from him.

So when last we left Bran Stark and his trusty crew of misfit sidekicks they had all been taken captive by the renegade members of the Knight’s Watch at Craster’s Keep. And since the national past time of the newly incorporated Craster’s Keep was raping, head asshat Karl was looking to be the first to force himself on Meera. Luckily Jojen is able to distract Karl with details of his very short future long enough for Jon Snow and the rest of the normal Knight’s watch to raid Craster’s Keep.
While the battle was going on outside the hut where they were being held, that doublecrosser Locke sneaked in to abscond away with Bran to the even worse clutches of Roose Bolton. It is then that Bran wargs into a chained up Hodor, Hulk’s Up out of  the chains and proceeds to let Hodormania run wild all over the place as he mangles Locke to death. I knew Hodor was ridiculously strong but I didn’t know the big guy could rend a grown man apart with his bare hands.
It was a bittersweet moment though. for as much as I was glad to see Locke die (because all of Bolton’s crew are just douchebags), it was really sad to see Hodor’s realization that he had just killed someone. The gentle giant is not cut out for this dark journey that Bran and the Reed siblings are on and I expect he will be used as an instrument of aggression by Bran on more occasions going forward.

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 4 Scene of the Week: Hodor Smash!

  1. Hodor is the best and I liked that he got revenge for being chained up and abused even if it wasn’t actually him doing it.


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