These X-Men Twinkies Will Fatten Up A World That Should Hate And Fear Them

In one of the more bizarre bits of movie cross-promotion comes the snack food item that no one has been waiting for in the form of X-Men: Days of Future Past Twinkies! The demented minds at Hostess have presumably seen fit to blast some of their classic snack cakes with radioactive goo to create a spongy mutated monstrosity with creamy filling in Blue Raspberry and Strawberry flavors!

They look far less appetizing in real life than they do on the box though:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Get a review of just how these things taste at!


  1. simondaniel27 · May 10, 2014

    Another approach to provide a whole nation with cancer.


    • Derek · May 10, 2014

      This country can never have enough ways apparently.


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