Game of Thrones Season 4 Scene of the Week: Not Tywin…Anyone But Tywin

The fourth season finale of GAME OF THRONES had a ton of amazing moments from Harryhausen-esque animated skeletons to Stannis riding to the rescue beyond The Wall to the epic battle between The Hound and Brienne…it was just an incredible episode of television. But nothing stood out more to me than the scene(s) where Tyrion exacted his revenge upon two of those who have wronged him the most gravely.

Tyrion was given an out from his impending beheading by Jaime and Varys butt something kept him from going straight to the awaiting ship that would ferret him out of King’s Landing. Instead he made his way to his father’s bed chambers to do what exactly? To say goodbye? To find out why he would allow him to be put to death despite knowing Tyrion was innocent? Whatever the reason Tyrion did not find his father but instead his former love, Shae who was basking in the after glow of sexy times with the Lannister patriarch. That was the last straw fro Tyrion…he strangled Shae in a text book example of a crime of passion and proceeded to find his father and shoot him dead with a couple of arrows. On the crapper no less!!!! That is no way for a man of Tywin’s stature to go out.

I think I am more bummed out by the loss of Tywin and the actor that portrays him, Charles Dance, than I have been by any death on this show since the episode where Jason Momoa’s Drogo went to the horse stables in the sky.
I am going to miss Dance’s prodigious acting talents and the steely imperiousness he so effortlessly brought to the part of Tywin Lannister. A look back at some of his best moments is in order as we pour one out for the homie T-Dog.

3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 4 Scene of the Week: Not Tywin…Anyone But Tywin

    1. This past season may have had the most favorites of mine to be killed yet. But the Joffrey murder almost makes up for it all.


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