I Have A Feeling Mike Tyson Mysteries Is Going To Be My Favorite New Show

Yahweh bless the folks over at Adult Swim who had the foresight to put together this cartoon, in the classic Hanna-Barbera style, that features Mike Tyson, his adopted Korean daughter, a ghost and a drunken pigeon solving mysteries. Does that not sound like the greatest thing since the invention of the light bulb?

The cast consists of Mike Tyson of course as the leader of this investigative team in much the same vein as when Mr. T used to solve mysteries with a youth group in a minivan in his cartoon show. Jim Rash as the Marquess of Queensberry, an insomniac ghost with a cowardly streak. Norm McDonald as Pigeon, a foul mouthed, hard drinking bird that was once a man. And Rachel Ramras as Yung-Hee, Mike’s adopted daughter who is also the only one of the crew with any brains.
Here’s hoping it gets paired with THE VENTURE BROTHERS because that would be one of the greatest hours of TV ever programmed.

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