The Food Network Needs To Give Auntie Fee A Show

Auntie Fee is the viral cooking sensation that is sweeping the nation! From her exuberant endorsement of the wonders of dried parsley (“This motherfucker make any motherfucking thing taste good!”) to her self-assessment of the deliciousness of her chicken wings (“It will fall off the motherfuckiin’ bone! I swear this shit will!”) to her love of cooking for children (“It’s just something sweet for the fucking kids”)…the woman is a national treasure just waiting to be discovered by the masses. Ever since Paula Deen’s fall from grace we have needed someone who knows her way around a stick of butter on The Food Network and Auntie Fee is that person. Click the jump to see her at work in the kitchen and prepare to be dazzled.

5 thoughts on “The Food Network Needs To Give Auntie Fee A Show

  1. Please do not put yet another caricature of a stereotype of African America on television. There are plenty of African American women who truly represent us and deserve a cooking show.


    1. Well we will never have to worry about her getting a show on any network so do not fret.
      I still like her though…she reminds me a bit of my granny.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting btw!


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