It’s Good To See That Zack Snyder Recognizes The Greatness Of Aquaman

Zack Snyder, the BATMAN v SUPERMAN director, was on his way to the movie’s set when he heard a local Detroit radio show speaking disparagingly about Aquaman and did what anyone with even an ounce of taste in matters involving comic books would do, he called into the show and set the hosts straight!

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Zack Snyder: I’m on my way to set right now, and I was listening to you guys on the radio. And … you guys were disparaging (a little bit) Aquaman, just a teensy… I mean it didn’t feel like hatred.

DJ: Yeah, we were questioning why he was involved.

Zack Snyder: I don’t want to give anything away about the movie, or anything like that. But, Aquaman has some cool abilities that I think people are like, “Oh what does he talk to animals, because that seems like what he does, or fish or whatever?” The cool thing is, with Aquaman his trident (people don’t realize this) that could cut the flesh of Superman, if they come in contact. That’s a thing that’s in the canon. He’s super strong. Because of course he can exist at these super deep depths. So when he comes up here he’s crazy strong. Not to say he’s in my movie, or anything like that. He has the potential to be badass. That’s all I’m saying.

You tell ’em, Zack! Aquaman is great and it is high time people stopped thinking of his as the doofus from the old SUPER-FRIENDS show and accept him as the A-list hero that he is. The guy has no problem using polar bears as projectile weapons, for pity’s sake! Hopefully Jason Momoa and Snyder will come up with a movie version of Aquaman that gets the whole world to see the character as the bad-ass he rightfully deserves to be recognized as.

5 thoughts on “It’s Good To See That Zack Snyder Recognizes The Greatness Of Aquaman

  1. Derek I have to say that you, me and Zack Snyder are of the same mind. I never thought of Aquaman as a doofus. He was always a bada$$ to me.


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