Boots And Pants And Boots And Pants

With what is being very cruelly dubbed the “Worst Local Commercial Ever” from far too many unenlightened online denizens, the East Hills Mall has instead produced the ear wormiest line from any song in 2014. Watch the vid and try to keep yourself from singing “boots and pants” over and over again.

3 thoughts on “Boots And Pants And Boots And Pants

  1. What’s funny about this is that we have an East Hills Mall here in Bakersfield. It’s never crowded, most of the stores are closed and old people use it as a walking track. Boots and pants and boots and pants and boots and pants.


    1. One of my favorite malls as a kid died that same slow death. Stores started closing and the place became an old folks hang out right up until the doors were closed for good.
      And upon further reflection on this video I am completely obsessed with the Mastercuts chick and her melodic cry of “haircuts!”.


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