Trailer of the Day: The Death of Superman Lives


A documentary about the proposed Tim Burton/Nicolas Cage/Kevin Smith 1998 “Superman Lives” feature film that would have been the most original and strangest Superman movie ever. – Facebook

I have always had mixed emotions about the aborted Tim Burton directed and Nicolas Cage starring Superman Lives film. On one hand the Tim Burton of the 1990s was still a director I had a lot of faith in to, at the very least, create a visually fascinating film with intriguing themes and all of the production stuff I have seen looks like Burton and his effects crew were just going totally batshit crazy with all of their wacky ideas for the look and feel of the movie. But on the other hand it was going to star Nicolas Cage as Superman and I don’t see any way that could have ended up working out well. Of course it could have become an epic clusterfuck and given the world one of those great “so bad it’s amazing” Cage performances like what we got from him in the Wicker Man remake. And then throw a script by full on comic book fanboy Kevin Smith into the mix and the possibilities of this movie just become endless. So with all that being said I am really interested in seeing the completed THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN LIVES just to get even more glimpses at what could have been.

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