Thank God It’s Wednesday

This week brings us giddy comic book fans the long awaited Grant Morrison project for DC, Multiversity…Ed Brubaker’s foray into 1940s Hollywood in his new Image book…and even more secrets revealed from Marvel’s Original Sin event.

The Multiversity #1

Grant Morrison takes us on a trip through the Multiverse as a universal threat is looking to destroy all realities and it will take a disparate group of heroes from multiple Earth’s to thwart it.
Final Verdict: I love Morrison when he just let’s go and allows all of the twisted ideas in his head out onto the page. With this book we are getting THE CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS as done by Grant Morrison complete with Monitors and Harbingers and even a call back to the first issue of COIE where all the heroes from different Earths found themselves spirited away to The Monitor’s home base. I also liked how Morrison used the old Silver Age DC gimmick where the heroes of one alternate Earth’s adventures were all printed as comic books on other alternate Earth’s. Morrison also does a good job of driving home that the stakes are extremely high despite not using any of the DC Big Guns at all.
The characters being used are also really cool. I liked Morrison’s Black Superman from his time writing ACTION COMICS, the Aquawoman from Earth 11 (where the hero’s genders are switched), Thunderer from Earth 7 who is a Maori god that is a take-off of Marvel’s Thor and you can never go wrong by adding Captain Carrot to a story. The art is great too. Ivan Reis and his inking partner Joe Prado are doing some of their best work here.
I also loved the other takes on characters from different companies like the Savage Dragon inspired Dino-Cop and the takes on Marvel stalwarts like The Fantastic Four, The Avengers (featuring the absolute greatest spoof take on The Hulk ever!) and Doctor Doom. Plus there is a talking monkey in a pirate outfit which is just as bizarrely wonderful as it sounds.
Grade: B+

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