Thank God It’s Wednesday

Original Sins #5

This companion book to Marvel’s big ORIGINAL SIN event takes a deeper look at just what shenanigans Nick Fury has been up to in his secret life as a manipulative intergalactic assassin while also featuring a tale of the Young Avengers dealing with the fallout of The Watcher’s death while battling the criminal Red Hood.
Final Verdict: Marvel has really been striking out with their events over the years. I think the last one I enjoyed was the WAR OF KINGS so it is with great regret that their bad streak continues on with ORIGINAL SIN and this book really does nothing to make the situation better. I don’t know who had the bright idea to make Nick Fury into a total asshole but I assume it was so they could replace the original white guy Fury with the Sam Jackson inspired new black guy Nick Fury so fans of the movie franchise wouldn’t get confused. Ah corporate synergy!
Anyhoo this book not only craps all over decades of Nick Fury stories but it also drops a big messy deuce on poor Dum Dum Dugan. Dugan has been Fury’s right-hand man since World War II so there was no chance he would escape this dreadful Nick Fury destroying event series unscathed. I won’t spoil the terrible retconned twist that signals the end of Dum Dum but I will say it sucked pretty badly.
And for some reason Marvel is continuing to try and make The Red Hood happen. The guy is a terrible character and an even worse super-villain regardless of how hard writers like Brian Michael Bendis try to make him seem like a A-list baddie. He is a petty thief in blue jeans and sneakers who wears a Little Red Riding Hood cape. There is no way to spin that into anything but lameness.
Grade: D

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