Whitney Houston’s Mom Is Absolutely Captivating

Aretha Franklin is out promoting her upcoming CD of cover songs and one of her first stops was the LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN to perform her rendition Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”. And as much as I love Aretha and think she sounds better singing this song live than on the CD (thanks to no Auto-tune), this performance is great mostly because of the taciturn presence of Whitney Houston’s mom, Cissy.


Is that not one of the most spectacular things you have ever seen? Mama Houston looks like she has given all of her fucks at the door and has no more to give for singing back-up to Aretha. She obviously has never heard “Rolling In The Deep” before as evidenced by her mouthing the wrong words and only seeming to get the words right when the song transitions into “Aint No Mountain High Enough”. And the way she keeps cutting her eyes at the other back-up singers as they were doing their little choreographed moves was hysterical. She looked at them like they were a bunch of assholes and the idea of any movement on her part was the height of insult. Never change Cissy!
But I also have to give a quick shout out to The Queen of Soul too because she gave this performance a lot of gusto and her continued insistence on wearing strapless gowns is truly inspirational. We should all pray to whatever deities we worship that we can have the confident body image of Ms Franklin.

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