Kids Do The Darndest Things

So a kid completely ignores his dad’s warning to not microwave a glow stick and the hilarity that ensues from young Jack’s misfortune is wonderful.

Dammit, Jack!
I loved how upset dad was about Jack ruining his “awesome and beautiful shirt”.

7 thoughts on “Kids Do The Darndest Things


    That is a beautiful shirt!


    1. He seemed to care about the shirt a lot more than he did his son’s burning eyes.

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      1. That’s the best part. Could literally be blind 😀


  2. The best part is the look on his face just before it blows up. “I have achieved fusion!” Haha xD


    1. He was so impressed with his little experiment for about 2 seconds.

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  3. That shirt must have really tied the room together.


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