Best Cosplay of the Day: 1980s WWF Superstars

The halcyon days of professional wrestling to me were the “Rock-n-Wrestling” days of the 1980s WWF. Guys like Hulk Hogan, Sgt. Slaughter, Iron Sheik and “Macho Man” Randy Savage were in their primes and wrestling was on TV pretty much every day of the week. So it warmed the cockles of my heart to see this group of cosplayers in full old school 80s rassling regalia. Click to see what I am talking about.


Photo by Pat Loika


That Sgt. Slaughter cosplayer even has the jutted out lantern jaw that Slaughter has. the only thing missing is a dude to dress up as Hulk Hogan.


  1. JC · January 22, 2016


    Follow the 80s Legends Costume Group here!


    • Derek · January 24, 2016

      Thanks for commenting.
      Love your page btw.
      The 80s was the best wrestling era hands down.


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