The Scream TV Series May End Up Being Awful But I Am Liking MTV’s Marketing For It

MTV’s SCREAM series has a lot of heavy lifting to do to overcome all the things I see as being wrong with it just from reports and the trailer. No Ghostface mask (the killer is wearing a freaking hoodie!), trying to stretch out a slasher film over 10 episodes of weekly television, the overwhelmingly white cast. But all is not lost.

On the positive side they have the always interesting actress, Bex Taylor-Klaus in the cast and at least a few episodes will be directed by Jamie Travis who also directed the wonderfully underrated FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL.
And they have a kick-ass marketing machine to boot as evidenced by the hip promo vids that they released about a month or so ago that gives you more than a little bit of the vibe that the original SCREAM feature film had when it was released.

But the cherry on top of this bit of inventive marketing is the snazzy new promo video featuring some of MTV’s other TV stars bloody and butchered to the haunting tune of Rilo Kiley’s ‘It Just Is’.

The show itself may be destined to suck but the road to that inevitable awfulness sure is paved with some really cool stuff.

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