The Not-So-Amazing Spider Man

This video just confirms my long held belief of just how terrible small children are. They are horrid little sociopaths with zero empathy even when a super-hero they were loving just 5 seconds before completely knocks himself out. Stuff like the evens of this vid are why I remain gleefully childless.

That one kid who nudges the comatose Spider-Man with his foot to see if the guy is actually dead should be put on a future serial killer watch list.

5 thoughts on “The Not-So-Amazing Spider Man

  1. Twenty or so years from now these kids will all be reminiscing over their kills and how it all started with that day Spider-man lay knocked out on the floor. I’m surprised they didn’t spray Raid in his face to finish the job.


    1. All of those little monsters need to have their own Dr. Loomis’ tracking them as they become adult serial killers.

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      1. Ha! Yeah man!


  2. Evil, evil little bastards!


    1. They truly are. Their evil child laughing has to torment that poor Spider-Man guys dreams.


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