Who Are The Suicide Squad?

With the release of the teaser for the 2016 Suicide Squad film there has to be a lot of people who thought the 3 minute video was totally cool beans (like me) but had no clue who the hell all of those bizarre looking characters were. So as a full on comic book nerd and longtime Suicide Squad fanboy I figured I would provide a public service to the movie-going masses and give folks the lowdown on who’s who in the Suicide Squad.

The Suicide Squad


The Suicide Squad, official designation being Task Force X, is a covert government group made up of a combination of super-powered villains (most of whom are currently serving time), government agents and a few super-heroes thrown in the mix for good measure. The villains are offered a reduction of their sentences in return for performing on missions while most of the heroes that get involved are either blackmailed into it or offered something they really want in return for their service.
To keep the villains in check, the baddies are implanted with a tracking device that also can be remotely detonated. In some instances it is put into their arms but in most recent comic depictions, the implants are put at the base of the skull and any attempts to flee or renege on the terms agreed to will result in heads being blown off.
The missions The Suicide Squad undertakes are usually things the government wants to be able to deny any involvement in (like overthrowing other governments or assassinating high level targets) but sometimes The Squad is sent on missions that require super-human intervention but of a more final sort than what one would get if they called in Superman or Batman. So now that we have an idea of just what The Suicide Squad is let’s meet the members of the big screen team.

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