Holidays – Good, Bad & Ugly Review

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 52% (Critics) / 26% (Audience)
Directed By: Anthony Scott Burns , Nicholas McCarthy , Adam Egypt Mortimer , Gary Shore , Kevin Smith , Sarah Adina Smith , Scott Stewart , Kevin Kolsch , Dennis Widmyer
Written By: Dennis Widmyer , Kevin Kolsch , Gary Shore , Nicholas McCarthy , Sarah Adina Smith , Anthony Scott Burns , Kevin Smith , Scott Stewart
Starring: Harley Quinn Smith, Mark Steger, Lorenza Izzo
Studio: Distant Corners Entertainment Group
Synopsis: HOLIDAYS is an anthology feature film that puts a uniquely dark and original spin on some of the most iconic and beloved holidays of all time by challenging our folklore, traditions and assumptions. – (Source)


The Good:
The “Easter” segment had potential as it explored the dichotomous mythologies of Jesus Christ and The Easter Bunny into what has to be one of the most disturbing monster make-ups I have ever seen. I honestly wouldn’t be opposed to seeing what writer/director Nicholas McCarthy would do with the concept in a full-length horror movie.

The Bad:
Aside from “Easter” the rest of the segments were varying levels of boring to downright terrible. Maybe it was the limited amount of time each creator had to work with in their individual segments or maybe it is just nigh impossible to come up with a decent horror story based on some of these holidays but whatever the reason the results were very disappointing.

The Ugly:
What in the hell was Kevin Smith thinking when he came up with the concept for the “Halloween” segment? And even more curious, what the hell were the people around him thinking when he was shooting it? I can’t fathom how anyone could have made a more dreadful bit of cinema than this crap.

Final Verdict: A concept worth exploring that never quite comes together in execution in any worthwhile way. HOLIDAYS is not even a little bit scary, rarely entertaining and barely even interesting at all which bummed me out because I was really hoping I would enjoy it.

Grade: D

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