The Justice League Movie Needs More Women…ASAP!

While I am over the moon with excitement for the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie (especially after the clip shown at this year’s San Diego Comicon), I did notice while looking at the team pic that WB released that the League is basically a sausage party with Wonder Woman as the lone female presence on the team. And that is something that really needs to be rectified as quickly as possible which shouldn’t be hard since DC Comics has some really cool women heroes to choose from (as the image above, wonderfully drawn by Peter Nguyen certainly proves).

Man, it really bums me out that such a cool group shot also carries with it the stigma of being sorely lacking in female representation. There are a number of women who have been members of the Justice League that could have been added to the line-up (and one of them has even already been cast in the form of Amber Heard as Mera for the Aquman movie) to make things a little less dude-centric. And I figured I might as well list 5 of them that I think would make great fits in the movie version of the League. Click onward to see my picks.

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