The Justice League Movie Needs More Women…ASAP!


Alter Ego: Mari Jiwe McCabe
Powers/Abilities: Channels the abilities of any animal
Who is She?
Vixen is a supermodel who moonlights as a super-hero. She can call on the abilities of any animal by using a family heirloom known as the Tantu Totem as a way of channeling this mystical energy. Vixen was originally a member of the much maligned Detroit based Justice League then found herself as a part of The Suicide Squad before getting invited to re-join the Justice League with the big names like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. The character has also been getting a mini-resurgence with her own animated series on the online CW Seed channel and an appearance on ARROW. All in all Vixen is a really cool character with an even cooler power set that I would love to see portrayed on the big screen with blockbuster CGI funding.
Wishful Casting: Yaya DaCosta
Who better to play a supermodel super-hero than an actual former model? DaCosta has the supermodel looks, cred and on top of it she is quite the actress too with a pretty good range as evidenced by her 2016 credits being parts as widely diverse as Whitney Houston in the biopic of the singers life and as murder minded government official in THE NICE GUYS. She would be a great Vixen.

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